About us

Our company


GRAVOSHOP LLC was established in 2011 and since then it operates in real progress and continuous development. We really care about respect and satisfaction of its customers.

             Also in 2011 was created the first working point and showroom on street Memorandumului no. 23 Cluj-Napoca, followed in 2013 to set up the next and the current working point from the street 21 December 1989, no. 5 inside Sora Shopping Center, 1st floor, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Here is a showroom of our products and equipment for various customizations.

             At headquarters and processed products are produced in larger amounts or require special treatments (painting, varnishing, cutting, etc.)

             From 2011 until now operate in legal terms and in accordance with legislation honoring our orders in Cluj-Napoca in Romania and other countryes. We have a presentation site of the company, products made and marketed (www.gravoshop.ro) as well as many accounts on various websites advertising together form 60% of our customers.
         As employees of the company can say that we have experienced specialists in the field of engraving, cutting, graphic processing and optimization. We are a young team with potential and experience, able to work under pressure and long hours, promptly and not least open to new challenges.

         The company enjoys a powerful automated and computerized equipment that can easily handle demanding customer requirements. At the same time we managed over the years to find our various partners and customers for the materials needed collaborators.

         Purchase of new equipment has made currently use about 10% of the production capacity of the company, therefore we are very open to new collaborations and new customers.

WHAT computerized engraving means?

Engraving is the process by which you can print by cutting different designs usually text on a flat surface, which can be plastic, wood, metal, glass, etc.. For maximum detail and fidelity in carrying out the works, modern computer-assisted etching. So thanks to high-performance machines can produce products with a high degree of complexity in a short time. If you can print it, then you can engrave!

      We can offer you products and services mechanical engraving and laser marking C02, standardized products GRAVOSHOP brand, and personalized custom engraved keychains keys billboards figures interchangeable number plates or evening and logos, external companies, staff badges, badges, promotional items, personalization gifts, photogravure, indoor signage - outdoor, stamps, seals, brass and more. There are few areas in which computerized engraving may not prove useful.

      We can easily notice the engraving market because of the quality, diversity, sustainability and efficiency of our products due seriousness, promptitude and respect offered to our customers. This can be confirmed by customers and our employees.

We guarantee

  • High quality products 
  • Best customer service 
  • Support for choosing the right design and materials 
  • Promptly order completion